Jordan: Mostly cloudy and cold weather tonight and tomorrow with a chance for rain showers and thunderstorms

A low pressure system is expected to affect the region on Saturday Night and on Sunday, accompanied by a cold and humid air mass, which will bring back cloudy weather and increasing chances for showers of rain in various areas, that might be accompanied by thunderstorms and hail showers especially in the southern parts of the Kingdom.


There is also a  possibility for snow over the areas elevated 1500m above sea level or higher, which means the high peaks of Al Sharah Mountains in the south of Jordan.


Also, vertical visibility might be reduced, due to Mist and Fog especially over mountainous areas, especially at night.



1-Possibility of flash floods especially in parts of the dead sea, Jordan Valley & Wadi Araba and the southern governorates.

2-Risk of reduced visibility due to mist and fog over mountainous areas especially at night.

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