Jordan:Cold,windy and rainy weather expected gradually on Saturday and on Sunday

Despite the sunny weather we witnessed on Friday, Weather is expected to change significantly during the next 24 hours, as the kingdom will be affected by a low pressure system and a cold and moist air mass on Saturday and Sunday.


Weather will gradually turn to windy and cold on Saturday, with increasing cloudiness, as rain showers are expected to start during the day in the northern parts, spreading to the central parts including Amman gradually.


On Saturday night, rain showers are expected to get heavier, and there is a chance for some snow showers on areas elevated over 1200 m above sea level, which includes the peaks of Ajloun,Jerash and Al Sharah mountains.


On Sunday, Weather will be generally cold, cloudy and rainy from time to time; rain can be heavy sometimes, with a possibility for thunder and hail showers locally.


ArabiaWeather warns that horizontal visibility may become poor at times on Saturday night and on Sunday due to Fog and low level clouds.


Also, there is a risk of flashfloods in different parts of the country due to heavy rainfall at times.

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