Jordan:Heavy rain expected on Friday along with cold and windy weather

A low pressure system accompanied by a cold and moist air mass is expected to affect Jordan on Friday, bringing heavy rain from time to time to the northern and central parts of the Kingdom and some rain showers to the southern mountains.

The rain could be accompanied by thunderstorms and hail at times, along with fresh to strong westerly winds, causing the risk of flashfloods due to intense precipitation and reduced visibility due to fog and low level clouds.

اذا اردت المساهمة في إثراء محتوى "طقس العرب" قم الآن بكتابة المقالات والاخبار وأرسلها إلينا لنقوم بنشرها وكن جزءاً من مجتمع طقس العرب
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